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Social Affairs Writing Portfolio

I started out as a mental health journalist and now have a decent body of work looking at mental health, learning disabilities and social affairs both online and in print. Have a look at my social affairs writing portfolio below.

Beat Stress – Feel Better. I co-wrote this men’s guide to tackling mental distress.

UK prisoners given tents and methadone on release– a report on how many UK prisoners end up on the streets straight out of prison.

UK to Remove No-Fault Eviction Clause from Private Tenancy Law– a report on changes to UK tenancy law that should favour tenants.

I did an investigation into corruption in the US prison system, interviewing the then Inspector General of the US Department of Justice


Winning the Mental Battle. An exploration of positive psychology as a step beyond traditional mental health treatment

Swings and Roundabouts – May 2008. Discusses the service user’s statutory right to advocacy.

Safety First – October 2008. A discussion of the use of police cells as a ‘place of safety’ for service users detained under s136 of the Mental Health Act

Perspectives column

I was a columnist for MHT between 2009 and 2017. Here are some of the best examples.

MHT Perspectives negotiation (Opens as a PDF) – for my Perspectives column, a discussion of negotiation between mental health staff and service users in light of famous schizophrenic John Nash’s Non Cooperative Game Theory (for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics and had a movie made about him

People with schizophrenia should be encouraged to aim high in life. An examination of the ‘Dustbin Diagnosis’ idea.

Lobbying and protest – how it is high time the disability movement went out on the streets to oppose austerity