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About me – Electric Vehicles

Let’s not beat about the bush. Capitalism’s last throw of the dice comes with chucking oil out the window. If capitalism is to survive this means other energy sources outcompeting oil until it becomes uneconomical to get out of the ground. Or? Societal collapse to make the billionaires escape to their bug out bunkers?!

I have been an environmental activist for over 20 years and don’t like seeing yellow smog above my nearby seaside town of Weymouth, be it the cruise ships farting or the traffic choking the air with them.

Rotting dinosaur entrails?

Our current ‘civilisation’ depends on burning rotten, processed dinosaur entrails. Like cow farts, that is bad for the environment.

It’s high time society transitions to pure electric vehicles.

In cities that means e-bikes and e-scooters. If you are a logistics company that means e-cargo-bikes and electric trucks. Why just cities? I live in a village five miles from two conurbations – an easy ride for a PAS e-cargo-bike! 

The more demand there is for electric vehicles – as shown by Tesla – the cheaper the vehicles will be as factories scale up to meet demand.

I believe that there is a great industry to be had in low impact alternative fuel vehicles that can enable us to live a similar lifestyle to today but with far less impact. Could it be 100% sustainable? That is for debate. Can it reduce our demands on resources? Certainly.

electric vehicles of the super kind...

My own electric vehicle...

EVs and the Future…

Today I see economic opportunities to help divert from climate change. If you can appeal to someone’s base instincts that they can make money from saving the planet then you can bring aboard even the hardest climate change deniers. 

Electric vehicles enable us to use renewable energy to power our energy intensive lives. Light electric vehicles (e-bikes) give older people greater mobility and can extend their healthy lives, as well as enabling even giant logistics companies to stop choking cities with their vehicles’ fumes in e-cargo-bikes. Now, where was that revolution I was intent on causing aged 18?!

Whatever your politics or views on climate change/capitalism, you’ll find this lefty hippy happy to speak to you as even while living in my carbon neutral home and growing much of my own food, I’m the son of a NATO diplomat and can talk to anyone!

Email me at freelance@richardshrubb.com to discuss your needs.