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A line of Nissan Leaf electric vehicles

Light Electric Vehicles Writer

How can I help?

As an electric vehicles writer I produce copy in a range of formats that will help put your business on the best foot to a range of clientele, including B2B and B2C. This can include:

  • Landing pages
  • Public relations copy
  • SEO blogs
  • Long form articles and opinion pieces 
  • Online research 
  • Interviews and case studies


I can produce electric vehicles writing using:

  • WordPress and other CMS platforms
  • MarketMuse SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Word, Google Docs
  • And many other apps used in creating and maintaining websites. 


Working in the tone of voice to your requirements, I specialise in punchy, accurate and knowledgeable marketing copy in the electric vehicles space  that drives business to your desk. With a background and Masters degree as a journalist I am able to do research for your business too. 

UK Electric Vehicles Writer 

Previous electric vehicles writing clients have seen better ROI when I’m allowed to write opinionated copy too. I have a passion for the electric vehicles revolution and when this shows, so others are taken by my campaigning and passionate copy. 

As an electric vehicles writer I firmly believe that we need to reduce carbon emissions in transport and alternative fuel vehicles are the only way to achieve such reductions. 

As the father of a young daughter I really can’t understand why society is so reluctant to make these changes. We’re creating a hot Hell for our own flesh and blood just so rich industrialists children can live a life of unemployed luxury! 

Whatever your needs from an EV writer, look at my electric vehicles writing portfolio below and contact me at freelance@richardshrubb.com today!


UK electric vehicles writer for prestige cars like this

E-bikes, e-scooters, e-cargo-bikes

How many e-bikes could fit in the space of a Tesla Model X? More to the point, how many e-bikes could you buy with the £100,000 you’d fork out for one of those EVs?!

E-bikes and e-cargo-bikes sales are booming precisely for those two reasons. EV cars are extremely expensive while for a fraction of the cost of one of those you can hit the road with a very decent e-bike. 

City planners love e-bikes as they tackle congestion. Even big logistics players love them as they are cheap to run and can deliver parcels and other goods to locations far out of the reach of vans and cars. 

As you will see on my portfolio I have worked with e-bike clients including industry news outlets and major UK online retailers. 

Contact me Today!

Have a look at my EV writing portfolio below. 

Email me at freelance@richardshrubb.com or call me / WhatsApp me on +44 7761830016 today! 

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