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I am a sailing, psychedelics and electric vehicles specialist. I have written on medical science, social affairs and a range of other things in the past.

A little about my writing

My core interest is taking complex issues and without sullying the reader’s intelligence, clarifying the issue in a way that will give them that lightbulb moment:

“Ah, NOW I get it!”

You will see I have written in a range of fields.¬†Currently I’m getting a fair bit of work in logistics and delivery, EVs, sailing, SEO, medicine and psychedelics, but I have worked in a vast range of fields over my time. Give me the time and incentive and I’ll produce something in your field that most people can understand. Want something on climatology or the environment? I’m interested in these right now, as well as the renewable energy sector… Just ask me!

What do people say about me?

Have a look at my Testimonials page to see what various clients have had to say about me over the years. Sometimes someone else telling you I’m not so bad is quicker and easier than my blowing my own trumpet!

Types of writing

I started out as a mental health journalist, and was a columnist in Mental Health Today for seven years.

I branched out into sailing journalism in 2010 and now sailing copywriting and content writing. I was the busiest sailing journalist in the 2012 Paralympic Games in Weymouth, England. I follow elite yachting as some people do the World Cup or NFL.

I have done features writing for a range of smaller and larger titles.

In 2010 I also broke into content writing. This has become my core business in recent years. I write to be read not for a computer to acknowledge!

I have written white papers on pharmacology.

In 2012 I started my investigative journalism career. I don’t call myself an ‘investigative journalist’ as there are far higher and more accomplished people who deserve the title than me. I have done good work though, in national newspapers and trade titles.

I have written two books and two e-books.

I have also produced copywriting for a range of different websites.

What can I do for you?

Tell me about your project and I’ll give it some thought! Here are some examples of what I have done in the past.

Types of commercial writing work: Online content, infographics, copywriting, books, e-books, feature articles, case studies, interviews, social media and social media management, press releases and PR. This isn’t exhaustive!

Logistics: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Maritime Studies from Solent University (1997). During my degree I worked at DHL as an evening dispatcher. I have been working with various logistics and delivery firms as a content and news writer for the last seven years.

Electric vehicles: I believe that electric vehicles are the way forward in all forms of transportation. I have done commercial writing with for the past year and have had a number of features published in magazines in the US and UK on HGVs and sailing boats.

Sailing: Living near the 2012 Olympic sailing venue in Weymouth I had a cracking 2012, writing for Sailing World, Sailing Magazine, Sailing Scuttlebutt and a number of US regional sailing titles. I have done a lot of climatology and meteorology writing – us Brits love talking about the weather! I do commercial writing and features for different clients today.

Medicine: I have been a feature writer for a number of nursing and psychotherapy journals since 2007, and done commercial writing for a number of pharmaceutical companies. This has enabled me to develop my science writing, taking cutting edge research and making it digestible.

Cannabis and psychedelics: I take a live and let live approach to life. Through my medical writing I am confident that alcohol is more dangerous than most other drugs that are illegal. I have published stories in Jane’s Defence Weekly, Therapy Today as well as cannabis titles Treating Yourself and Weed World, and several other campaign and sales websites.

I have never done commercial writing full time for one client. I like to work as I invest – some big punts but generally lots of smaller bits in different places, though I will not exclude any reasonable request. I look forward to hearing from you.

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