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This is my¬†portfolio website. Have a scroll around to see what I’m about!

Sectors I work in: Logistics and delivery, EVs, sailing, mental health, SEO, psychedelics and book writing.

Logistics and delivery writing

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in maritime business, and worked at DHL while a student at Southampton Solent University. I have written for a number of smaller logistics clients in the Middle East, Asia and the UK. I currently write four news stories every weekday for the last mile delivery analysts Apex Insight. In November 2017 I shall be publishing a story for Truck & Driver on electric powered heavy trucks. See my online content writing for more.

EV writing

EVs – These sit with my philosophy that the green energy sector should beat the fossil fuel sector on economics. I write four articles a month for and invest in green energy through a P2P website. I have two articles due in a UK national and a US regional magazine on EV trucks and EV boats respectively. I have a passion for the sector, important for anything you write about. See online content writing for samples of work and my blog on this site on whether solid-state batteries are a red herring?

Sailing writing

Sailing РI have been sailing as often as possible since the age of 5. I have been a sailing journalist since 2010, when I began working with Boating Times Long Island. After a successful 2012 Olympics and Paralympics (writing for Sailing Scuttlebutt, Sailing World and Sailing Magazine) I have primarily been doing online copywriting work for clients such as,  and content work for The Boating Hub and Kavas Yachting. I retain a warm relationship with Boating Times Long Island. See my blogs on this site about the Vendee Globe race start and Vendee Globe race finish.

Nursing writing and mental health writing.

I developed an expertise in nursing writing and mental health writing at the start of my career in 2006. Have published work in nursing journals over the last 10 years, writing for a number of Royal College of Nursing publications, Learning Disability Today and Mental Health Today. See my nursing writing page and social affairs writing page for more information.

Psychedelics writing

My psychedelics writing came from a conversation with a New Zealand perinatal psychiatrist who told me that LSD and MDMA can be good for you. This started a fascination with psychedelics writing that has stayed with me far longer than the chemical effects of physically dabbling in the stuff in the late 90’s at university!!! I have worked with a number of organisations over the years writing about the medical benefits of LSD, MDMA, and cannabis. Amongst many titles I have written for, I published a piece on MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy for the defence procurement magazine Jane’s Defence Weekly. See my nursing writing or social affairs writing pages for more information.

Book writing

I have written four books in my time, and do general editorial work as well.

Working with agencies and a well known freelancing site, I have done a lot of SEO work in a range of fields from herbal remedies to building work and even iron beds… To my understanding you need quality text with just the right keyword density for an article to perform well. Have a look around my online content writing for good examples of what I have done.

If you want to know more about me click on my Bio for a short film. Finally, contact me to discuss your needs!