Richard M Shrubb MA

How can I help you?

Got a long list of marketing priorities a writer can help with? Wish you could get more blog traffic? That’s where I come in.

Are you a thought leader? Want to get people talking about you? E-books and long form articles can show them the way things are and the way ahead in your field.

  • Let’s talk about sailing’s recruitment problem!
  • What’s going to win? Fuel cells or batteries?
  • Will there ever be sensible global debate about marijuana?

If you’re struggling to communicate your value to potential customers or now that Facebook’s algorithm is turning away from commercial pages; you need a water sports writer, electric vehicle writer or a hemp and cannabis writer with proven track record. As a writer I can help with e-books, SEO optimised long and short form articles, and compelling case studies.

A writer of eclectic tastes

My eclectic interests come from my professional interests leading me on divergent paths that originated from a common core. We all live a journey through this world and mine has had some off beat interludes. I went to sea where I learned I could write. I have earned more money from cannabis than I have spent on it – legally too! EVs tell me we can save the planet while appealing to capitalism. Have a look at the About section of this site to get an idea as to my background and what led me to specialise in these niches. I look forward to hearing from you!