Electric Vehicles vehicles writing portfolio

Electric vehicles writing portfolio

This is Richard Shrubb's electric vehicles writing portfolio. What a mouthful! Have a browse through the electric vehicles writing portfolio below and perhaps see how we might work together? Drop me a line at freelance@richardshrubb.com to discuss your needs...

Electric Bike Report

Within my electric vehicles writing I have a strong focus on electric bikes writing

I have been writing features about electric bikes for this US based title since late 2017.

US police departments are looking at using e-bikes with some interesting results. See this article here

Will the e-bike industry ever go to an industry standard swappable e-bike battery? Read more here

Jump! The rise of dockless e-bike sharing can be seen here

A look at how government grants could get more e-cargo-bikes on the roads can be seen here 

Have a look at my piece on 7 tips for e-bike touring from the perspective of a 70 year old e-bike tourer here

Another contact of mine from my home in Poundbury, England, has been using his e-bike to stay fit while undertaking palliative brain cancer treatment. Have a look at this story here

E-Bikes Direct

I produce opinionated SEO blogs for the UK e-bike online retailer.

Electric bike hub vs crank motors - why you may spend the extra $$$ on a crank motor or just $ on a hub motor...

See Electric Bikes and older riders here - explaining why older people increasingly buy e-bikes... This had a positive impact on search rankings

Why electric bikes are so much greener than electric cars - a social media response blog arguing that an e-bike could be up to 2000 times cleaner in terms of emissions than a diesel car

What's better - a Greenedge CS2 or a Gtech e-bike? This showed how E-bikes Direct's own machine may be better than the frequently searched for Gtech. As intended it helped the company's sales improve...

It's Electric with Afeez Kay

In this podcast series I discuss with Afeez Alade the various issues in the world of electric vehicles.

What about electric ships? Listen to this hour long podcast on iTunes 

Inside the minds at E-Car Test Drives - listen to me have a general conversation about EVs here

Below, an hour long video you can see below discussing solid state batteries:

Political incentives to stimulate the zero emission revolution. Here is my take on the matter

Hydrogen: the good, the bad and the ugly. Hydrogen could be the answer in some parts of the world but not all...

I have worked with E-Car test drives since late 2016.

Here is a review of the best hybrid and BEV SUVs on the UK market today. At 2,000 words this is a long read that should give you an idea as to my understanding g of the EV market as stands today. Do click on my copy of it on The Shrubbery Blog  in case you cannot access that link...

Have a look at my review of a Tesla Model S saloon here.

See my piece on solid state batteries here

Check out my piece on oil junkies and the moral panic over pollution here.


Boating Times Long Island

Here's a piece on switching your gas powered inboard engine to electric. Not as expensive and hard going as you might think!



Commercial Vehicle

What's the future of automated trucking? In 2015, I wrote, "Over the last year there have been two major threads in commercial vehicle news – the burgeoning driver shortage crisis and the emergence of fully automated HGVs such as that trialled by Daimler. Could this be the answer, and are we at the cusp of an automation revolution unseen since Luddites rebelled against threshing machines?" See more here...

Industry professionals to discuss automated trucking in Stuttgart... A piece that looked at what would be discussed at regarding automated trucking

British consortium enters fray to produce fast refuelling zero emissions LCVs In May 2015 I wrote, "A consortium led by green technology innovators Intelligent Energy has announced plans to convert new light commercial vehicle (LCV) fleets to fast refuelling zero emissions vehicles. One of the main barriers to customers buying into zero emissions vehicles is that it takes too long to refuel them, and with several million pounds of investment from a consortium of big name businesses, this issue is set to be addressed. Read more...

All change for UK energy policy as Supreme Court forces changes to emissions targets... In May 2015 I reported, "UK government energy policy has been under scrutiny in the Supreme Court, which has found that current emissions targets are too low and too far off. Where 29,000 people die annually due to fumes from industry and diesel engine emissions – more than from tobacco and alcohol combined – the current targets of reduced emissions are set for 2030, and European emissions regulations are regularly breached in towns and cities across the UK." Read more...


I have been working with this London law firm (and they, me...) for several years. Here are two electric vehicle oriented blogs I have written for them.

Here is a piece looking at e-bike cycle deliveries in and around London.

What's the economy for - people or money? See here


Have a look at South Australia's and California's move to using grid batteries for power supply here.

See a piece on autonomous container barges here

Finally, have a look at an autonomous, electric container ship that is plying the fjords of Norway

My second feature for Truck & Driver is a piece called To Err is Human, which looks at the likelihood of autonomous trucks hitting the UK's roads in the near future. Click on the link to see a PDF: T & D To Err is Human

The Shrubbery blog...

From time to time I need to write something and don't quite see a client to  publish it with. It then goes to the Shrubbery...

Here's a piece questioning why cars are still doing 40 miles to the gallon at this day and age

Here's a piece on solid state batteries including an interview with an expert developing them for Toyota...