Electric Vehicles writing portfolio

Electric Bike Report

Promoting light electric vehicles (LEVs) including e-bikes is a core part of my work. Could I promote your e-bike or e-cargo-bike business?

I have been writing features about electric bikes for this US based title since late 2017.

US police departments are looking at using e-bikes with some interesting results. See this article here

Will the e-bike industry ever go to an industry standard swappable e-bike battery? Read more here

Jump! The rise of dockless e-bike sharing can be seen here

A look at how government grants could get more e-cargo-bikes on the roads can be seen here 

Have a look at my piece on 7 tips for e-bike touringfrom the perspective of a 70 year old e-bike tourer here

Another contact of mine from my home in Poundbury, England, has been using his e-bike to stay fit while undertaking palliative brain cancer treatment. Have a look at this story here

E-Bikes Direct

I produce opinionated SEO blogs for the UK e-bike online retailer.

Electric bike hub vs crank motors - why you may spend the extra $$$ on a crank motor or just $ on a hub motor...

See Electric Bikes and older riders here - explaining why older people increasingly buy e-bikes...

I have worked with E-Car test drives since late 2016.

Here is a review of the best hybrid and BEV SUVs on the UK markettoday. At 2,000 words this is a long read that should give you an idea as to my understanding g of the EV market as stands today. Do click on my copy of it on The Shrubbery Blog  in case you cannot access that link...

Have a look at my review of a Tesla Model S saloon here.

See my piece on solid state batteries here

Check out my piece on oil junkies and the moral panic over pollutionhere.


Boating Times Long Island

Here's a piece on switching your gas powered inboard engine to electric. Not as expensive and hard going as you might think!



The Shrubbery blog...

From time to time I need to write something and don't quite see a client to  publish it with. It then goes to the Shrubbery...

Here's a piece questioning why cars are still doing 40 miles to the gallon at this day and age

Here's a piece on solid state batteries including an interview with an expert developing them for Toyota...

I have been working with this London law firm (and they, me...) for several years. Here are two electric vehicle oriented blogs I have written for them.

Here is a piece looking at e-bike cycle deliveries in and around London.

What's the economy for - people or money? See here


Have a look at South Australia's and California's move to using grid batteries for power supply here.

See a piece on autonomous container barges here

Finally, have a look at an autonomous, electric container ship that is plying the fjords of Norway

My second feature for Truck & Driver is a piece called To Err is Human, which looks at the likelihood of autonomous trucks hitting the UK's roads in the near future. Click on the link to see a PDF: T & D To Err is Human