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Portland Harbour whose ships were once powered by hemp...


This is my wider portfolio of writing across all subjects over the years. Please look at the individual Electric Vehicles, Cannabis, Watersports and Social Affairs portfolios for greater detail within those niches.  

Psychedelics and hemp writing

Treating Yourself

Can cannabis cure schizophrenia? An article looking at the ins and outs of the potential for the plant to treat this most troubling of psychotic conditions.

Division in the UK Cannabis Movement – an article showing the splits that were led by the leader of CLEAR due to bigotry and populism.

10 Best Vape Reviews

10 Best Vapes on the market in the Americas today 

How to read and understand cannabis scienceHow to assess cannabis science to make your own decisions

Bricks and Fuel– a discussion of other uses of hemp

A MOTHER OF A GIRL WHO DIED FROM ECSTASY CALLS FOR DRUGS LEGALISATION – A surprising (but very cool) tale that goes against the grain of many other families’ demands

Same Difference? A discussion of how drugs work in your body, showing how one or two supposedly minor ingredients can change their effects on the body (Opens as PDF)

Other titles:

Therapy Today – The Magical Mystery Cure I did my biggest piece on the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs for Therapy Today, the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists trade magazine. Opens as a PDF

Drug Link Human Cannabis Farm (Opens as a PDF) I also published an investigation into how the human body makes its own cannabis that works in the nervous system for the magazine Drug Link

Other writing

Not everything fits a tight niche!

Could The IRS Fresh Start Program Help You? A look at the program designed to support those in financial trouble meet their tax obligations.

2 New Tax Scams – Sit Up and Take Note! A look at two tax scams highlighted by the IRS

A focus on a container based house featured in Grand Designs Australia whose containers were supplied by Gateway Container Sales. Well received on social media.

Comm Cube: A Shipping Container Domestic Violence Bolthole – a look at a tiny home project for victims of domestic violence.

In 2016 I did a stint with this top content agency. Contact me for a link to the travel-oriented website.

An investigation into corruption in the US prison System for the now closed Custodial Review. Came from a tip from a longterm US prisoner I’m old friends with.

Adventurer Profile – Amir Mehdi Reflects on modern high altitude porters’ life in Pakistan through the life of the porter who helped the first successful summit of K2

Best Walks on the UK South Coast. Looks at ten longer and shorter treks in Southern England including one that passes my house – the Hardy Way. 



Police Departments Using Electric Bikes as the Best Tool for the JobAn article showing the potential of e-bikes to replace cars in police fleets

How UPS Sees Electric Cargo Bikes Fitting Into Global LogisticsDiscussion about how UPS is using e-cargo-bikes in its logistics operations

How electric bikes work– an SEO piece for this UK retailer

Machines & gadgets that caused a stir at Eurobike I didn’t attend… there’s always the web!


How Do You Charge Electric Cars? Everything You Need To Know About EV Charging

Tesla Model 3 vs Porsche Panamera vs Audi e-Tron vs Jaguar I-PACE: What’s the right electric car for you?

11 Tesla Features You (Probably) Didn’t Know About

EV Trader

Gridserve to roll out UK EV-Charging Station Network– a discussion of the new network proposed for the UK

A masterplan for electro-mobility– discussing the leadership of VW’s requests of the German government to make it easier for automotive companies to move from fossil fuel to electric car production.

Electric City Buses– How electric city buses now equal total cost of ownership to that of fossil fuel buses

Could hydrogen be the answer to the zero emissions transport problem? Ask me for a PDF on the matter.

Electric, Fully Autonomous Containership Barges to Ply European Waterways– Discusses how Europe’s inland waterways are heading for a zero carbon world

World’s First Fully Autonomous Containership – Cheaper, Greener…Safer?

What’s the future of automated trucking?An article written in 2015 discussing the potential of electric, autonomous heavy trucks plying EU roads

Books and e-books

Kavas Yachting – Sailing Guide.From the basics we take the yacht charter client up to extreme circumstances such as a holed hull and running aground.

Guide to sailing qualifications around the world. Download here

Beat Stress – Feel Better. I co-wrote this men’s guide to mental health.

Watersports writing 

How could sailing schools benefit from Onboard Space?An SEO piece written for shareability

Buying a secondhand boat– the ins and outs of this difficult yet rewarding job!

Meteorology Courses – Why Learn This Core Sailing Skill?– A discussion of this important aspect of sailing

Paralympic Games, I did an insight piece into American Paralympian Paul Callahan. Please download the PDF for this here – True Grit

In the runup to the 2012 Olympic Games I wrote 2 articles for the world leading elite yachting title.

London’s Collective Spirit– the 2012 Cultural Olympiad went afloat

Social Affairs

Invisible People

UK prisoners given tents and methadone on release– a report on how many UK prisoners end up on the streets straight out of prison.

UK to Remove No-Fault Eviction Clause from Private Tenancy Law– a report on changes to UK tenancy law that should favour tenants.

Fears as mental health beds cut– a sample investigation I did for the national newspaper.

MHT Perspectives negotiation (Opens as a PDF) – for my Perspectives column, a discussion of negotiation between mental health staff and service users in light of famous schizophrenic John Nash’s Non Cooperative Game Theory (for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics and had a movie made about him

In this piece I looked at the prizes and perils of support groups coming together to fight for special educational needs provision.

Logistics & Last Mile

CES – Autonomous hub and spoke? A discussion of the 2019 CES show from a delivery industry standpoint

Swinburne University to measure real-time delivery GHG emissions

Non-standard Shipping Containers – Uses for Open Top, Flat Rack, Bulker and Half Height

Container Storage Tips & Tricks