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Psychedelics and Cannabis Portfolio

Here is some of the best psychedelics and cannabis writing I have done over the years. If you want me to help you with your own please contact me at freelance@richardshrubb.com

The video to the right is a talk I gave on the War on Drugs from a socialist’s perspective: how drugs and alcohol have been used to repress, divide and intoxicate the masses to suit the needs of the ruling classes. This is my current thinking given the work I have done below.  

5 Strains for Dabbing – a rundown of the best strains of cannabis for Christmas 2020

Fun Ways to Use the CARTA App – an explanation of how to maximise the fun you can have with the Focus V CARTA electronic dabber

Tories being hard on drugs? They’re actually being hard on class. Reflects on the UK war on drugs through the lens of class war as the US war on drugs is in fact about race. *Contains blunt and direct language! 

Can cannabis cure schizophrenia? An article looking at the ins and outs of the potential for the plant to treat this most troubling of psychotic conditions.

Division in the UK Cannabis Movement – an article showing the splits that were led by the leader of CLEAR due to bigotry and populism.

Therapy Today – The Magical Mystery CureI did my biggest piece on the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs for Therapy Today, the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists trade magazine. Opens as a PDF

An examination of psychedelic psychotherapy for this leading UK mental health practitioner’s title


Is Controlled Drinking Possible After Being a Controlled Drinker?

10 Best Vapes on the market in the Americas today 

How to read and understand cannabis scienceHow to assess cannabis science to make your own decisions

Bricks and Fuel– a discussion of other uses of hemp

Same Difference? A discussion of how drugs work in your body, showing how one or two supposedly minor ingredients can change their effects on the body (Opens as PDF)


Drug Link Human Cannabis Farm (Opens as a PDF) I also published an investigation into how the human body makes its own cannabis that works in the nervous system for the magazine Drug Link

A discussion of MDMA assisted psychotherapy for this international defence procurement journal