Nursing writing


Nursing writing

This is my nursing writing page

I started out in mental health specialist nursing writing. For several years I was a columnist for the nursing website Mental Health Today.

I have developed my nursing writing into general science writing, and have written some great pieces in meteorology and even in car battery science.

Have a look through my portfolio of work in the nursing writing field below.


Mental Health TodayHere is my last Perspectives column / blog for Mental Health Today – this time on my experience of Mindfulness meditation.


In the last edition before it went online only in 2015, I published an investigation into perinatal mental health in the UK for Mental Health Today. MHT Perinatal MH010


I looked at how generic psychiatric medication performs differently to the patent drugs that they are supposed to replace once the originals’ patents have expired. I has had this very issue, and have to take the patent medication due to the generics having unwanted effects when I take them. Download this PDF MHT Generic Drugs Jan14002

I did my biggest piece yet on the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs for Therapy Today, the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists trade magazine. You can find the PDF here Therapy-Today-Magical-Mystery-Cure


Rounding off my amazing Olympic year, I published a piece on positive psychology for Mental Health Today. Could positive psychology used by top athletes be an answer for services? Download mht winning the mental battle

I published this piece in Mental Health Today on the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs MHT Psychedelics

Learning Disability Today I covered the story of a family who had serious problems getting the right Special Educational Needs provision for their child. They set up an organisation based on the Isle of Wight that tried to fight back. Download this here ldt nov 11 sen bh


In May 2011 I published a piece in RCN Publishing’s Mental Health Practice reflecting on the Nordic Alcohol Model for reducing societal harm through state intervention on alcohol sales. Please see this here

I published a piece for Learning Disability Today on how the Personalisation Agenda could help people with learning difficulties. Download this piece ldt pbs

That same month, I looked at how cuts to the Supporting People programme was causing difficulty for people with mental health problems. I was in supported housing during the heyday of the programme at the turn of the Century, and this story had a real personal interest for him. Download sp mht


For the RCN’s Nursing Standard, I published a piece on a new medication being tested that could help people with Fragile X Syndrome. Download this piece nsfragilex0001