General writing and editorial

Investigative and editorial work that doesn’t quite sit in any niche…

I have taken on a wide range of writing over the years. Here is my investigative and editorial work that doesn’t quite fit into the other categories of work I have shown elsewhere on this portfolio site.

PIR Magazines

For Custodial Review, I have uncovered a serious problem of corruption and smuggling in the US prison system. I spoke to the Inspector General of the US Bureau of Prisons Michael Horowitz about the situation in his prison estate. CR US prison corruption

I am the Production Editor of Review Magazines’ two titles, Custodial Review and Education Magazine. These two titles are trade titles aimed at staff and management in their industries.

The Oxford ReviewThe Oxford Review

I contributed 20 articles a month to The Oxford Review. The magazine is a digest of cutting edge academic research, and my job was to read that research and make it understandable for people whose eyes might otherwise glaze over reading the nitty gritty. Download a draft article on how Transformational Leadership should manifest itself: OR How does transformational leadership manifest itself (DRAFT) and a copy of the digest The_Oxford_Review_Vol1_No6_Jun_2016

Ninja CreativeNinja Creative

I worked with the online editorial agency Ninja Creative between 2012 – 14 until it was sold to the US. I wrote on subjects as varied as Middle Eastern railway news, stairlifts, airport car parking companies and financial writing.

Community Care Magazine

Community Care is the leading social work online magazine. I published several pieces for this title before it went online – only in 2011.

Mental Health TodayMental Health Today – Perspectives

Here is a selection of my Mental Health Today columns that I wrote over five years

Here is a reflection on the ‘therapeutic alliance’ between staff and service user: Perspectives Therap Alli011

Set up a social care charity? You’d have to be bloody nuts! MHT Perspectives MarchApril 2014 p23

Here is my favourite column – a reflection on negotiation between staff and service users using game theory MHT Perspectives negotiation