Richard Shrubb’s Books

Here are Richard Shrubb’s books to date.

2015 – How to Learn to Sail

This is the latest of my books. For The Boating Hub, I wrote a book on sailing qualifications and sailing courses that are available in your home country. Until I was asked to do it, there was no such reference available anywhere in the world and it could take a long time to figure out what qualifications you can get to learn to sail in Singapore, Japan or even parts of Europe and the US!

Download a copy of Learn-To-Sail

2013 – Beat Stress, Feel Better

I co-wrote this book published by the Men’s Health Foundation, that is designed to show men that there are ways of making yourself feel better when it is all going horribly wrong. With suicide one of the biggest killers in men between the age of 20-40, this book is designed to reach out to the thousands of men who might otherwise take extreme action to resolve their problems.

Download the book from Issuu here

2007 – Giving Voice to the Inner Scream

Newly qualified with my Master’s Degree in broadcast journalism from University College Falmouth, I was unaware of the power of the stigma associated with mental illness, until I told a major international news organisation who were in the process of recruiting me for an internship. Cutting a long story short, due to poor legal representation I lost the discrimination case against them and got a bee in my bonnet – why is the stigma of mental illness more disabling to some people than the illness itself?

I lashed out in the best possible way, publishing a book on the subject. It is now out of print but you can download the PDF from this website here: Giving voice to the inner scream