Richards Shrubb – a writer’s biography

Richard the writer head shotA little about Richard the writer

Let’s get to the crux of it: I’m a full time commercial writer with a hard, cynical edge who likes a bit of grit to deal with. I don’t do interior design, cats or luxury lifestyles.

I am well travelled. I first thought of being a journalist in the Falkland Islands in 1986, just four years after the war. Prior to that I’d lived in Virginia and in Brussels. I’ve mountain biked in the Alps, Black Mountains, Pembrokeshire, Forest of Dean; sailed on the Caribbean, Med, Atlantic and various lakes. I’ve canoed in all sorts of places, and currently enjoy walking my daughter in the hills of Dorset.


Penguins and Richard

Penguins leading the way in Bluff Cove, Falklands..

I started out as a writer, as many commercial writers do, in journalism.  After a breakdown in my 20’s I did a Master’s in broadcast journalism at University College Falmouth in Cornwall, turning 30 and leaving the bottle alone to make my way forward in life. I fell into mental health practitioners’ journalism, working with three editors at Mental Health Today over nine years.

Through my work in mental health journalism I found out that LSD could well have been the psychiatrist’s opium. That led to me developing an interest in psychedelics journalism. I published psychedelics journalism stories in a variety of publications from the defence procurement journal Jane’s Defence Weekly to  the counsellor’s trade journal Therapy Today.

Sailing Ship Rose

SSV Rose – my home for a year

As a kid I wanted to escape my troubled life and go to sea for a living, as I did by going sailing whenever and wherever I could at home and at school. The Royal Hospital School is next to Alton Water in Suffolk at one side of the grounds and next to the River Stour at the other side of the grounds (2 miles away). Bullied terribly ashore I became a good sailor, but more of the guy who could short tack up a narrow creek and back again rather than one who could leave everyone for dust around the buoys. While an elite yachting fanatic now I am a blue jeans sailor by nature.  I ended up aboard the 186ft Sail School Vessel Rose out of Bridgeport Connecticut where I learned the ancient arts of seamanship and made friends I retain to this day. So, yes, I ended up a professional sailor for a year…

Vendee Globe Race Village

Vendee Globe 2016 start

I moved to Weymouth, Dorset in 2010 with my then wife with a view to cracking the sailing journalism market at the Olympics. I didn’t do too badly, working with Sailing World and to this day, working with Boating Times Long Island. I was the busiest journalist at the 2012 sailing Paralympics with four titles waiting for my words.

I have a passion for politics and an unutterable disdain for those who think the right way up in life is by stepping on the heads of those least able to climb. I have uncovered some of the worst society has to offer through my investigative journalism. I have experienced some of the worst the state has to offer in my personal life. If I see someone in genuine need I will look at what notes / bills I have in my wallet – not small change. Society needs to be generous in spirit – not just a few individuals.

So, that’s me… Contact me to talk about you!