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Short on time to write your website’s blog? Want to drive your sailing SEO but have other pressing things to do at work?

You have come to the right place!

What are the issues that affect you today:

  • The wrongly held belief that sailing is ‘only for rich people’?
  • Heated competition for charters – whether within your own region or from other regions?
  • Not getting your voice heard among the clamour for customers?

You might be in sail training, yacht charter, brokerage, racing, the holiday market, or have a novel power system / material that you wish to promote. Want someone working with your team with a love and passion for sailing and water sports?

Have a look at my sailing writing portfolio and then drop me a line to discuss your needs!

Let’s look at the sailing world…

Experience has shown that a strong knowledge and passion for water sports writing can help drive traffic. How? You are speaking to the reader on their level. Waking up at dawn with the early morning sun warming your bones and the gentle jingle of rigging serenading you into consciousness Рis there a better way to wake up? Seeing marine mammals in their home not in a tank. Experiencing atmospheric phenomena that reminds us that we are but men Рmere mites in the world.

Long before the world’s media woke up to global plastics pollution, the sailing world has been crying out about it – Transpac sailing record attempts destroyed due to gyres of junk 1000 miles offshore. Cheeky Rafiki? Unlucky Team Vestas…?

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