Richard for Linden

Richard plans to be the Labour Party candidate for the Linden Division in the May 2017 County Council elections.

While largely there as a paper candidate – let’s face it a roasted pig with a blue rosette in its mouth instead of an apple would likely win in this division – I feel that it is important for democracy that people should be able to vote for whom they wish to as to whom they can.

Those living in the villages of Linden are in an area that would ultimately spawn the Labour Party. The TUC resulted from the Tolpuddle Martyrs and the TUC helped create the Labour Party. I am a proud trades unionist and member of the National Union of Journalists.

  • Are you sick of the artificial ‘Austerity’ programme being forced upon us by a government of millionaires?
  • Are you sick of the bigotry of the current government?
  • Do you see who’s really to blame for the escalating debt this country faces (clue: it ain’t poor people or the Muslims!)?
  • Did you vote Remain or feel that you were lied to over Brexit? Did you vote on basis that Brexit would be better for rural communities yet now realise otherwise?
  • Do you want to live in a mixed community and not a middle class ghetto? Do you feel that there should be affordable as well as unaffordable housing in your community? Do you want the local farm labourer / shop assistant / barman to be able to live in the community they serve?
  • Do you value the NHS and being able to access services that the Austerity slash and burn programmes are destroying?
  • What about public transport? If you are reaching a certain age and ill health makes keeping your driving license an issue, do you want to move home because of the bus services being ripped up, meaning you can’t get out of the village?
  • Do you believe that politics should serve everyone as opposed to just a bunch of billionaires?

If any or all of these apply to you and you live in one of the villages in Linden between Winterbourne Abbas and Tolpuddle (including northern Littlemoor in Weymouth) then vote for me on May the 4th!

Contact me if you want to discuss any issues local to you. I will gladly take them up and help make them a campaign issue 🙂

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