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Olympic match racing trialsMy father was in the Royal Navy. I wanted to follow him. Trouble is I’m blind as a bat. Though I can see with glasses I certainly can’t see within the limits required for watch keeping at sea…

I have sailed on the Caribbean, Chesapeake, around Cape Cod and the St Lawrence Seaway, and the Great Lakes as far as Milwaukee. I have also sailed on the Med, on the Channel, South Coast and on one trip from the West Coast to the East Coast of Scotland via Scapa Flow in the Orkneys. I have also sailed lakes and rivers whenever I can get aboard a boat.

Tall ships are about learning about yourself. Aboard the 186′ HMS Rose for a year in the 90’s I learned I can teach and write. I also learned it takes years of practice to drink hard and got in loads of trouble with the officers for practising too hard and too much. Boys will be boys – aged 30 I’d leave the bottle alone for good!

I moved to Weymouth in 2010 in the hope of cracking the sailing market for the Olympic Games in 2012. 2012 was very busy as I did an effective six month Olympic season, writing for titles in the US and Canada. I now attend elite yachting events for fun such as the Vendee Globe – see a blog I’ve written on that on my site here.

Read on to see what online sailing writing I have done…

Kavas Yachting

Kavas Yachting – sailing content SEO

Here are two blogs on sailing for Kavas Yachting. They draw on my considerable sailing experience and enthusiasm for the sport. Writing sailing content with Kavas is about producing enjoyable and readable SEO – that is what you buy into when you work with me.

Visit Better to stay in a port than to become a statistic (that discusses one of the three people I knew who died at sea in two years, Robin Walbridge on the Bounty tall ship),

See this article  on buying a secondhand boat.

See my piece on extreme adventurer Sean Conway’s outlook on life here.

Boating Times Long Island

I have been working with this US online and print boating magazine since 2010 – one of my oldest and favourite clients. Have a look at my portfolio with them here. Here are two highlights:

An investigation into why historic ships are discouraged from using New York Harbour

Here’s a tongue in cheek article explaining seafaring language to the landlubber in your life…


The Boating Hub

I had a close relationship with the Boating Hub for two years, writing weekly blogs on sail training as well as the FAQs pages linked to the sailing schools around the world linked to the site. See an example of one of his blogs, this one about qualifications you would need to do the R2AK (Race to Alaska)

Sailing Scuttlebutt

In 2012 one of my stories on the US sailing Paralympic team went viral thanks to Sailing Scuttlebutt broadcasting the feature to sailors all over the world. Have a look at this here