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Psychedelics writing

Mind bending drugs that do you a lot of good? Can an E a day keep the nuthouse at bay? A bustee a day can certainly keep the doctor at bay!

At university the first time round I got a 1st Class in partying and a 3rd Class Degree. It was lots of fun, though towards the end it lost its sheen as my mental health deteriorated significantly due to what a appears to be a mix of my past catching up with me, genetics and possibly a few external chemicals as a catalyst. I should point out the last time I hallucinated was aged 29 (during my Master’s Degree) after drinking a bottle of absinthe – I was chasing rats around the house and none of my housemates could understand what the hell I was on about. You don’t need weed, shrooms or LSD to see and hear things that aren’t real!!!

In 2011 a psychiatrist from New Zealand asked me, ‘What if LSD was the opium of psychiatry?’ He could see no firm link between any psychedelics and schizophrenia. This is why I started out in psychedelics writing.

My use of the term ‘psychedelics writing’ is rather loose as I also include any drug with medicinal value that has been pilloried in the press. Let’s first start with Kratom.

Big Buds Guide

Here is an article on the first of the sabre rattling by Donald Trump over cannabis. I concluded that at the time his hands were too small to grasp the issue properly…

Buy Kratom US

I have done a fair bit of backlink  SEO work for the herbal remedy Buy Kratom US site.

Here is a brief history of Kratom

Here is a piece on how kratom can be used to tackle delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


The Trip ReportThe Trip Report

I have been contributing content writing to the sensible drug policy blog, The Trip Report. What follows are three important pieces he wrote for this site:

I spoke to a mother whose daughter died of a drugs overdose, who’s also calling for sensible drug laws to prevent other mothers from losing their children in the same way. Read her story here

I also spoke to the Chair of the UK’s Law Enforcers Against Prohibition Neil Woods about his experience as an undercover cop, and how this taught him that drugs laws just aren’t working. Visit the blog here

Finally, I went to the launch event of the Law Enforcers Against Prohibition (LEAP UK) in the Houses of Parliament last year. Here is his summary of the event



Here’s an investigation into how the US NSA has been illegally passing on wiretaps to the  DEA and then to local police to bust drug dealers. Are the DEA reading your emails?