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Online content

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Some of the best work I do is online content.

Online content is core to my work. One client told me recently that when they read my writing it is as if they could see what I am writing in pictures. Let me tell your story – contact me!  The online content I do includes infographics as well as content writing – I can also bring an artist along as part of the package.

I also do online content writing for this site on the stuff I do, and industry news such as attending the 2016-17 Vendee Globe start and finish via my blog on this site.

This page has changed somewhat: I have added new pages to the website for sailing content writing, online psychedelics writing, electric vehicles writing and infographics that you can see on the main links. This page is now about my general content writing that can’t be pigeonholed into any other page.


General content writing

Below are examples of my online content writing.

Dorset Eye

I published this story explaining cryptocurrency to your ordinary joe for the Dorset community news and views website just before Christmas 2017


Custodial Review – Investigation into prison corruption

In this investigation, published in August 2017, I exposed staff corruption in the US federal and state prison estates. Click here to see this story.

Pure ParamotorPure Paramotor

I have worked with the powered paraglider magazine website over the last two years. Aged 16 I did hang gliding training and am also an adept kite buggy flyer. Combine the two with my knowledge of sailing and not a little thrill seeking and you have someone who enjoys writing about most adventure sports.

Their site was hacked in the summer of 2017. Here is an interview I did with about their company Pure Paramotor – Blackhawk (PDF of final draft)


Gateway ContainersGateway Container Sales

I have been writing for Gateway Container Sales, out of Brisbane Australia since Christmas 2016. I put out four blogs a month, one of which is 2000 words long, looking at the various uses of repurposed shipping containers.

Here’s one on ‘smart’ shipping containers

See an example of one of my long form blogs where I looks at the future of the unmanned supply chain here.

See one of my shorter pieces, this time on low water use beer breweries, here.

Apex Insight

I write four news stories a day for the e-commerce logistics analysts Apex Insight based in London.

Nights in Iron

Have a look at a SEO blog I wrote on Why Have an Iron Bed

I have been posting blogs on the website, run by a London law firm, since 2014. This looks at the world of cycling in and around London, including cycle routes, local legislation and of course the fun side of cycling.

Here is a piece looking at e-bike cycle deliveries in and around London.

Have a look at my piece on the Grand Tour of the Great Divide here

Here is a piece where he shows how the Cabinet Secretary for Transport Chris Grayling said that ‘cyclists are not road users’