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As a writer I write word pictures. It is only a short step then for him to write words to be turned into pictures. Richard Shrubb has done several infographics through agencies and direct contact with clients.

Designing and building infographics involve a design process that begins with the writer having an image in their head, and then explaining the imagery and information they wish to convey to a designer who does the pretty stuff. I do that.

Here are three examples of my infographics:

Big Buds Guide

Have a look at the animated GIF infographic I helped develop showing the legal status of cannabis around the world here

Also look at a piece of content writing I did on Trump’s sabre rattling regarding state cannabis laws in the US

I wrote this infographic showing how bricks-and-mortar is still seen as essential for retailers. Alternatively message me to see a copy.

Credit SesameCredit Sesame

In May 2017 I published this infographic on the true cost of a payday loan for this high profile credit company site