Electric vehicle writing portfolio

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Here is the best of my electric vehicle writing

Since the beginning of 2017 I have been doing a lot of electric vehicle writing. EVs are the way forward for human transportation as they are better for the environment, more economical to run and a lot of fun to drive!

Have a look through this page to see what electric vehicle writing I have done and perhaps consider what I might do for you.

Electric Bike Report

I have been writing features about electric bikes for this US based title since late 2017.

Jump! The rise of dockless electric bike share. How Americans are riding shared e-bikes and learning in many cases they don’t need a car…

Preview of the World Advanced Vehicle Trophy in Austria and Switzerland in 2018

Here is an assessment why e-bike manufacturers will never go for an industry standard swappable battery 

Have a look at my piece on 7 tips for e-bike touring from the perspective of a 70 year old e-bike tourer here

Another contact of mine from my home in Poundbury, England, has been using his e-bike to stay fit while undertaking palliative brain cancer treatment. Have a look at this story here

electric car test drives

E-Car test drives

I have worked with E-Car test drives since late 2016.

Here is a review of the best hybrid and BEV SUVs on the UK market today. At 2,000 words this is a long read that should give you an idea as to my understanding g of the EV market as stands today.

Have a look at my review of a Tesla Model S saloon here.

See my piece on solid state batteries here

Check out my piece on oil junkies and the moral panic over pollution here.

Osbornes Cycle Injuries I have been working with this London law firm (and they, me…) for several years. Here are two electric vehicle oriented blogs I have written for them.

Here is a piece looking at e-bike cycle deliveries in and around London.

What’s the economy for – people or money? See here

Boating Times Long Island

Electric vehicle writing – not just e-cars and e-bikes! Here’s a piece on switching your gas powered inboard engine to electric. Not as expensive and hard going as you might think!

Gateway Container Sales

One of my weekly blogs for Gateway Container Sales has been on a fully autonomous, electric containership that will ply the fjords of Norway. See this article here 

Try My EV

I did some EV writing for Try My EV, keeping readers abreast of the news in renewable energy and electric vehicles news around the world. Have a look at my appreciation of Tesla getting a bit stretched financially here. This firm is run by the same team who run E-Car Test Drives above.