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I am not just some super-specialist techno / psychedelics / sailing geek – though that can be fun! You may have found me through a search such as ‘mental health journalist UK’ or ‘social affairs journalist UK’ or even through ‘content writer UK’. What ails you? How can I help? 

Are you a charity that needs to improve their online profile? Perhaps you need someone who knows the terrain and can help you map a way to getting some visibility by dealing with some pain points that aren’t heard in the chorus of shouting over Austerity cuts? Perhaps you are a criminal justice campaign who can’t be heard due to being of low priority (like mental health has long been…). A feature writer can produce high quality online and offline copy and content as you need.  

Are you just a company that wants to compete in a hard battlefield such as a local builders, or a web design firm who is looking to get some copy done for local SMEs who might not be in a super-sexy arena? Perhaps you need some long-form content writing to make something interesting that other people may struggle to do? 

Are you brilliant at your business but bumbling with words? Do you need a UK content writer helping hand with ‘local SEO’, where search engines associate you with a locality such as Dorchester in Dorset? A Dorchester SEO writer can help localise that SEO too! Want a content writer to  help you drive your rankings in the right direction without having to invest heavily in ‘pay per click’ or the increasingly wasteful Facebook Sponsored Posts? Organic reach is something that a good UK content writer can do.  

Do you want:

  • Online and offline copy?
  • High quality blogs in your sector?
  • Thought leadership pieces?
  • Brochures and other printed material?
  • White papers? 
  • Case studies?

Drop me a line at freelance @ to discuss your needs. Using the < and > buttons below have a look at my About, Testimonials and Other writing pages on the slider below

UK Feature and Content Writing

From investigative journalism to academic research, I have a lot of copy under my belt! Use this as a jumping off point to see other examples of work…


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