Cannabis writing portfolio

Richard Shrubb's cannabis writing portfolio

This is my cannabis writing portfolio. If you like what you find in my cannabis writing portfolio, just drop me a line at

Feed the Birds

The Great British Cannabis Postcode Lottery - shows inconsistencies in policing cannabis in the UK.

Kiddies on Xanax - WTF? Shows how the dangerous pharmaceutical is being used in Weymouth thanks to the lack of safer and less addictive cannabis.

Drug abuse is rampant in Weymouth - what can we do? Discusses a public meeting held by a local family doctor - cannabis legalisation is one solution raised by him.

Big Buds Guide

Here is an article on the first of the sabre rattling by Donald Trump over cannabis. I concluded that at the time his hands were too small to grasp the issue properly...

Treating Yourself Magazine issue 37 - Divisions in the UK cannabis movement

I reported on the splits in the UK cannabis movement that ultimately led to the formation of NORML UK for Treating Yourself Magazine. Please download a copy of the article here TY 37 - Division in the UK Cannabis Movement

The Trip Report

The Trip Report

I have been contributing content writing to the sensible drug policy blog, The Trip Report. What follows are three important pieces he wrote for this site:

What are the hurdles to getting MDMA assisted psychotherapy approved for use by therapists? Have a read of this articleto get my appreciation of the situation at the time.

Why is GW Pharmaceuticals so interested in cannabidiol (CBD)? This non-psychoactive terpene from marijuana has a lot of potential in medicine due to the way it interacts with the central nervous system. Have a look at my article on the subject above.

Finally, a mother of a teenager who died after taking Ecstasy spoke to me about why she wants the drug legalised.In her eyes she doesn't want other children dying from not knowing what is in those pills and to take control of recreational drugs off criminals, putting them in the hands of regulated manufacturers.

Weed World

Does cannabis cause schizophrenia?

I did a feature for Weed World on the known links between cannabis use and schizophrenia. Download weed word schizophrenia

Mental Health Today I looked at how generic psychiatric medication performs differently to the patent drugs that they are supposed to replace once the originals' patents have expired. I has had this very issue, and have to take the patent medication due to the generics having unwanted effects when I take them. Download this PDF MHT Generic Drugs Jan14002

I published this piece in Mental Health Today on the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs MHT Psychedelics


Here's an investigation into how the US NSA has been illegally passing on wiretaps to the  DEA and then to local police to bust drug dealers. Are the DEA reading your emails?

Cannabis and cancer. Is there any truth about tumour busting?

Medicalisation of weed - UK vs US. This discusses why the political and economic climate is so much better for North America to legalise medical cannabis than the UK.

Juicing raw, fresh cannabis- getting the medical benefits without getting stoned.

Bricks and fuel - hemp as a lean green alternative. Looks at building materials and hemp oil as fuel for internal combustion engines.

Drug Link - Human cannabis farm

I also published an investigation into how the human body makes its own cannabis that works in the nervous system for the magazine Drug Link. Download Drug Link Human Cannabis Farm

Therapy Today - The Magical Mystery Cure

I did my biggest piece on the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs for Therapy Today, the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists trade magazine. You can find the PDF here Therapy-Today-Magical-Mystery-Cure

Thoughts on cannabis and schizophrenia - my personal view as someone who understands the science and has suffered with the illness. Read here