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Want a cannabis and psychedelics writer?

Want the unvarnished facts of the matter from a cannabis writer and psychedelics writer? Need content and blogs written that rely on the best available research?

You’ve come to the right place, then!

I can help you with your SEO rankings by writing high quality cannabis content and psychedelics content that comes from research using the best sources and data available.

This area in which we work is surrounded in untruths and fake news. Let’s tell the world real news and the truth using a tame cannabis writer! There’s enough truth out there, with real, hard science and sociological data that shows that cannabis and psychedelics are only demonic to those who don’t want the truth told.

More legends than a Greek tragedy…

Anti-drug propaganda has created more myths and legends around cannabis and psychedelics than your average Greek tragedy. Demolishing these and presenting those with an open mind with the facts is key to opening up the sector to a world of rational, sensible debate.

  • Does cannabis ’cause’ schizophrenia?
  • Is marijuana a ‘gateway drug’?
  • Has cannabis ‘no medicinal value’?
  • Is ketamine just a party drug?

The answer to all of these questions is rather obvious to many of us but an epiphany to others. Let’s go to work and start changing the conversation away from lies, half truths and untruths to the real fact of the matter!

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