Want a cannabis and psychedelics writer?

The world is changing. For years, possibly decades you have been fighting a political battle. Trench warfare – telling politicians the truth while they respond in fairytales and lies by return. Before the US brought about Prohibition in the 1920’s things like cannabis, cactus and magic mushrooms were a form of medicine and a part of traditional life reaching back Millennia. While alcohol sales were snatched back from organised crime, the Mafia and their progeny were handed a lifeline in effectively being allowed to sell drugs of all kinds.

Now people are seeing sense. Cannabis and psychedelics are slowly becoming a commercial proposition not a political game. With that so your game is changing. From being a political GI or general you need to get to business. With that comes marketing and outreach. You need a cannabis and psychedelics writer…

Cannabis and psychedelics writer?

The countries legalising are entering a new phase. Instead of uniting against a common enemy so everyone competes with one another. Growers vs growers. Dispensaries vs dispensaries. Online sites vs online sites. Add in the billion dollar companies that may have started out in Colorado or the Netherlands?

How do you get yourself heard above the maddening babble? ¬†High quality cannabis writing from someone who knows the industry can really help. What are the real¬†medicinal benefits? How does cannabis help? Here’s a freebie: does it cause heroin addiction?! Someone who knows these answers and can research those unanswered can help there too.

Through having high quality copy that potential clients will want to read, so a cannabis writer will draw them closer to being your clients. While different states and countries have different regulations as to how you’re allowed to market yourself, here are a few things we can do together to promote you:

  • High quality web copy
  • Enjoyable, informative blogs
  • Good printed marketing material
  • Case studies
  • White papers…
  • Anything else you would like? Just ask…

With these so from not being heard among the hubbub of businesses you can give a giant YELL!

So, what now? You can email me direct at freelance @ richardshrubb.com or perhaps have a look through the work I have done in the past. Use the < and > buttons below to see more about me, what people have to say about my work, and of course – some examples of my writing.