Richard Shrubb the writer

Many years ago a fresh faced Richard Shrubb spent a year before the mast on a 186ft replica of a Royal Navy warship originally sent out to victual the fleet by raiding farmsteads in New England. Her mission had changed by the 1990’s to that of a museum and sail training ship (though we could be quite piratical when ashore). I learned to teach landlubbers the arts of sailing her, and I also learned that I could write well.


I am a sailing, psychedelics and electric vehicles specialist. I have written on medical science, social affairs and a range of other things in the past.

My skill is in taking a complex issue and explaining it so everyone can understand:

“Ah, NOW I get it!”

You will see I have written in a range of fields:

Water sports writer, electric vehicles writer, drugs and cannabis writer…

The three topics are professional passions of mine. Let’s touch on each briefly.

Water sports writing

I have been a water sports writer for eight years. I have been a sailor for 38 years. As with any decent sailor I love looking into the technical aspects such as meteorology, power trains, marine electronics, navigation etc, and explaining the finer aspects of a sport to a newbie. I used to be a sail trainer on a 200ft tall ship. I have written for Sailing World, Sailing Magazine, Boating Times Long Island, Kavas Yachting, The Boating Hub and a number of other titles over the years. See my sailing writing.

Electric vehicles (EVs) writing.

I am acutely aware we are facing a global climate crisis. I also know that vested interests are putting private gain before the public good. This is what excites me about EVs – it is a politically and economically achievable means of helping steer away from the climate crisis. I have been writing about electric vehicles for the Electric Bike Report and E-Car Test Drives for more than a year. I have also published stories in Truck & Driver and Boating Times Long Island. See my electric vehicle writing for samples

Drugs and cannabis writing

Long after I stopped smoking cannabis a New Zealand psychiatrist asked me, “What if all these drugs that are banned were good medicines? Could LSD be the opium of psychiatry?” At the same time I was circulating with the members of the cannabis legalisation organisation NORML UK. I took an interest in the medical benefits of all drugs governments wrongly label as being of no medical value and made some exciting discoveries of my own on the way. Could CBD be the perfect antipsychotic? I have written for Treating Yourself Magazine, NORML UK, Therapy Today, Weed World, The Trip Report and several other titles on the subject. See my drugs and cannabis writing portfolio

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