Online Writing

colaboracao2This is Richard Shrubb's online writing page. Richard has been working primarily for online writing clients for the last three or so years. Not all of them are listed here but this will give you a flavour of what he does!

The Boating Hub

Richard regularly produces sail training focused blogs for the yachting and boating site, The Boating Hub. Have a look at his posts here

With a passion for cycling (he cycles cross country around Dorset's back lanes and byways whenever he has time) Richard is also a regular cycling blogger for the cycling site

The Trip Report

Richard has been contributing stories to the sensible drug policy blog, The Trip Report. What follows are three important pieces he wrote for this site:

He spoke to a mother whose daughter died of a drugs overdose, who's also calling for sensible drug laws to prevent other mothers from losing their children in the same way. Read her story here

Richard also spoke to the Chair of the UK's Law Enforcers Against Prohibition Neil Woods about his experience as an undercover cop, and how this taught him that drugs laws just aren't working. Visit the blog here

Finally, he went to the launch event of the Law Enforcers Against Prohibition (LEAP UK) in the Houses of Parliament last year. Here is his summary of the event

Gateway Container Sales

Richard produces a blog every week for the Australian shipping container conversion company, Gateway Container Sales. Have a look at one of his better pieces here

Dorset Eye

Richard does some local investigative work through his Dorset wide community blog Dorset Eye. Have a look at one example of his work, where he is recruiting families for a website he is building to help people through the UK child protection system here.

People Per Hour

And finally, Richard gets a lot of his work through People Per Hour. Though it is cheaper for us both if you hire me direct, do look at the work I have done through them via this widget: