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This is Richard Shrubb's blog, covering his various activities related to online and print writing.

The blog is ad hoc and will be updated generally as he finds something interesting to write. You must understand that most of the time Richard Shrubb's blog work and writing is for professional clients. Only rarely does he find time and energy to write for himself!

Richard generally finds reason to combine business with pleasure in some way, whether heading off to international sailing regattas or just having fun doing something pertinent to his writing. Watch this space to see what he produces!

For examples of his professional blogging, check out Dorset Eye, The Boating Hub and Pure Paramotor.

Richard Shrubb enjoys sailing and adventure writing the most, mainly because it involves fun! For example, sailing in a Force 5-6 on a sunny day with the wind abeam is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. Richard Shrubb's blog work is clear, fun and witty with the odd (acceptable) opinion that is designed to make you think.

Richard has one thing holding him back these days - a two year old daughter who needs her daddy to come home from his adventures. Daddies are more cautious than single men...

Linden Lea bus problem?

March 28th, 2017

There’s a common misconception that buses really aren’t necessary in rural communities, or so it appears as Dorset County Council routinely slashes bus services around Linden Lea. Looking at Crossways...

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